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Professional & Holistic Mind-Body Treatments Helping you Restore, Rebalance & Revive Your Well Being

Are you looking for help achieving relaxation, or do you require something a little more healing orientated? At Nature's Way Holistic Health, it is our desire to help you restore, rebalance and revive your body, mind and spirit through our natural and holistic services. All our holistic treatments and therapies are tailored to your individual needs. Our therapists’ ideas, along with your input result in ideal treatment sessions. We offer a unique combination of modalities which include;

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Massage & Shiatsu

Holistic Rebalancing Massage

Holistic Re-balancing Massage is our specialty: Suited to athletes, vacationers, busy couples.... for anyone, really. Our professional and well-trained staff adjust to your needs. to help you achieve deep relaxation so later you feel refreshed and ready for your activities. Our Holistic Rebalancing massage covers head to toe therapy, relaxation and pampering all in one, leaving you truly transformed.


We do use this technique in all our treatments: However if you are looking for a deep yet gentle therapy that will reduce your stress and contribute to your overall well being, then a traditional shiatsu treatment is the right service for you. This may be done on a futon, using firm yet calming pressure combined with gentle rocking movements and stretches to balance the meridians of your mind-body. The lasting results include relaxing your nervous system, releasing tension from your muscles and joints and pain reduction. One of our expert therapists will work with you, leaving you profoundly relaxed and in “balance”.

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Chair Massage

From onsite massage programs to events, we’ve got massage services and programs to quickly recharge the mind-body. Pick-me-up chair massages allow every part of your body to relax while relieving tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles.

Whether you want to promote health for hard-working employees, especially those who are hunched over desks for long hours or impress your guests at a social event, no matter what the occasion, Nature's Way Holistic Health can build an onsite chair massage solution for your specific needs. Our popular 15-20 minute chair massage/shiatsu is not only healthy, but a perfect reward or incentive for your employees. It has been a huge hit at parties, family events, holidays, health fairs and other events.

Other Corporate Services: Every week close to a million Canadians can't work because of mental illness. Popular chair massage relieves stress and energizes employees’ mind-body. Expand your wellness program with nutrition "lunch & learns", Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sessions in groups; Whatever your employees may need to be well...we'll source it for you.

Use your imagination… Contact Nature's Way Holistic Health at 604-815-3436

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Online and in person, we have a growing base of client’s who are seeing tangible benefits with EFT as they “open the door to their core”! Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is an evidence-based technique that works by simply tapping gently on specific acupressure points, while adding simple phrases to illuminate aspects of your life where you may need clarity and relief. Examples are relief from previous traumas, fear, stress, anger, cravings, sadness, chronic pain and much more. It also helps achieve your personal and career goals by reinforcing positive beliefs.

Our unique ‘RootsEFT’ program helps individuals through profound and lasting transformation, especially with regards to intimate relationships.

Book complimentary EFT Discovery Session or relationship tune-up!

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Why choose our EFT?

Our RootsEFT is an amazing technique proven to be effective. In our one on one sessions, gatherings and workshops, you will learn the core concepts of EFT through step-by-step instruction, demonstration, and practice. To explore EFT in depth and learn more about our workshops and massage technique courses, contact Nature's Way Holistic Health at 604-815-3436 or and visit

Combo it! Add EFT to your Holistic Re-balancing Massage for best savings. Energy techniques include EFT and shiatsu, working with the meridians of your body.

Other Services

In addition to our holistic rebalancing massage, shiatsu, chair massage and EFT, Nature's Way Holistic Health also offers add-ons and other services including: